Cupping Therapy, Part 4

How Cupping Works; the physiology of cupping.

Theory of fluid motion:  The fluids in your body are based in water- most around 95%. The blood is about 60-70%, with many different components. It includes proteins, minerals, oxygen and carbon dioxide, among many others.  We are going to consider it all the same for a moment.  When fluid is moved from its space in the body, it will flow back or be replaced by the body to maintain and regain a sense of homeostasis or balance.  Water likes to flow to its own level…

Cupping will move fluids to areas they are not commonly in, and this will cause a replacement effect. The fluid will be removed and replaced with the right mix of water and dissolved things (solutes)…


We know that life is motion and motion is life.  Fluid motion that is smooth and easy is the best way to maintain our health.  Think of a creek… if it flows easily, it collects no crud and does not become stagnant. A lot can grow there, happily and well.  Too fast and nothing can grow.… Get it?

This is part of the series ‘Cupping Therapy’ I have the complete book with diagrams available on Kindle.  The class is held at my office in Parker Colorado.  Please check out our office The Natural BodyWorks LLC.


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