Chest pain? Could be a rib out of place.

Taking a deep breath and get a sharp pain?  It really could be a rib out of place.  First we should consider other possibilities…


The most obvious one is the heart, the most troubling at least.   Here is the key though.  A rib will not hurt in certain positions or when you hold your breath, as in just not breathe.  Not to take in a big breath, that will hurt, I will tell you why….

The heart is a strong pump that is continually moving blood through your circulatory system.  When the heart gets a cramp it is called angina.  That is basically, chest pain related t


o the heart.  The heart can have an  attack which may be a clot or other failure which can cause chest pain, but it is also going to refer pain.  Referral of pain means that the organ or place of injury may share nerves or other tissues with an area of the body not near


that organ.  Most people know the left arm and neck pain can be a referral from the heart.  Did you know that the right shoulder pain can be a referral from the gall bladder?

Back to the ribs.

The ribs attach at two places on the spine, the body of the vertebrae.  This is rather deep and difficult to even imagine if you have never had any anatomy classes, and the transverse process of the vertebrae.  We can feel these under the muscle of the back about an inch to the sides of each of the bumps on the back.  Those are called spinouses.

This is where a lot of movement naturally occurs, each twist of the body, bend  and stretch each breath they move just a little.  They all work in unison, all a little bit at a time so that we can breathe smoothly and move with finesse.   When one tilts or turns and sticks or gets into a place it can ‘catch’ it will cause a spasm around the joint and then the muscles between the ribs can spasm giving the characteristic pain that goes from the back to the front or visa versa.

I have outlined some of it in my video (here) Costochondritis and rib pain


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