Dry needling in Parker Colorado

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Dry needling is a technique in acupuncture that goes after muscle spasms.  Muscle spasms that are chronic can become the ‘new normal’ when it comes to the nervous system.

Dry Needling is a great way to loosen the muscles because of chronic tension.  

Step 1:  Find the muscle spasms, directly with palpation (through touch).

Step 2: Clean the area…

Step 3: insert needle and find the twitch…

We use a little thicker needle than the normal acupuncture needle.  Usually needles for acupuncture are about .22 mm diameter.  That is really small.  Dry Needling needles can be around .30 mm diameter.  Although it does not seem like much it can really make a huge difference.

The needle is placed in the core of the muscle spasm.  Muscles have very specific patterns that are pretty consistent for the average person.  Some people can have very unusual presentations of spasms and trigger points because of multiple injuries, old over lapping injuries, and scar tissue.

In the lower back, for example, the psoas is a common muscle that can recruit the piriformis and the quadratus lumborum.  Getting the MAIN muscle is more important.  Once you get the muscle ‘pinned’ you will see or feel a little twitch.  We have to really watch now because other muscles around that have been helpers will twitch.  Those are important to go after in later visits.

How long does it take?  Depends on a few factors; first, the age or chronicity of the spasm, the associated points involved, the other muscles that help it and the general health of the patient.  Some patients will need more just because their constitution is poor for some other reason (chronic disease, old injuries, scar tissue, or surgeries).

You should see a difference almost immediately, but there will be soreness the next couple days and you may have some bruising.  You may also have a small bump where the needle went in, this is called a hematoma, and is harmless.

Associate points:  These are points along the traditional meridian that will help the muscle relax over the longer term and help be a little more holistic in the treatment regime.

Call or text me for an appointment;  720 325- 98 86

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