Cupping and detoxification

Cupping for detoxification and healing.

Cupping is an amazing and very old technique to help the body detoxify and heal.  It has its origins in Asia as long as a thousand years ago and is still used today because it is so safe and effective.   You can also find this and similar techniques being used in Poland, Russia and Finland.


When toxins and cell waste cannot be removed through the natural processes of lymph drainage and blood flow the body becomes fatigued and can become ill.  Some people will only feel tired or sluggish when they have an overabundance of waste fluid stuck in the skin and underlying muscles and tissues.


We call this stagnation; the holding of those fluids that must be removed and cleared out for the cells to work correctly.  This can happen because of an old injury, an old muscle tear, car accident, fall, or any form of chronic disease. IMG_20150819_172836IMG_20150819_174440


With the cupping we lift the skin and force the fluids into different areas, this does two things.  First,  it sets into motion a cascade of healing that jumpstarts the body to clean the area, and two, it helps release those toxins to get back into the correct circulation where they can be cleared and clean.

What Cupping is good for…

-Chronic issues of pain, fatigue, or disability

– History of prescription or recreational drug use

-Too much protein in the diet

-Parasite or candida infection

-Exposure to environmental toxins, mold, pollen, chemicals etc.

-Past traumatic events that tend to rear up now and again.

-That feeling of being stagnant or ‘stuck’ in life, relationships, career etc…


When the kidneys, liver and lungs cannot process these issues and become over worked, the body will naturally put the toxins ‘in storage’ so they can get to them later.  This usually will be in the underlying fat of the skin, or in muscles.   The cupping action is that of a vacuum.  It pulls the tissue and therefore the fluids through the different compartments and, over time will stimulate the body to clear it out.

Cupping is quicker than acupuncture, massage or even chiropractic at getting toxins to release and be processed.

Cupping can also help you determine the extent of an issue…

-Demonstrates the severity of the congestion (see below)

-Demonstrates the location of the most congestion and stagnation.

– Can stimulate the liver, kidney, lungs and skin to work more efficiently.

Cupping details.

Does it hurt?  It can feel uncomfortable, especially if the tissue is over congested and tight or you are dehydrated.  So drinkplenty of good water before and after a session.

Skin-reaction-e1439944357306 How long will those marks last?  That depends on how deep the stagnation and how ‘healthy’ your system really is.  Usually the marks last a couple days.  Sometimes, with deep set stagnation that is chronic, a yellowish mark may remain for a couple weeks.  This is an indication that much more work needs to be done.

What should I do about the marks?  Nothing, they are a natural and very expected result of good cupping.  Keep them covered and warm, as the ‘opening’ of that area will release a lot of energy and heat.  You can be more susceptible to chills and further trouble if they are left uncovered, especially for the first day or so.  Also, the marks are more ‘open’ than the rest of the skin, be mindful of what you put on your skin.  Natural and medicated oils will be more potent.

When you make an appointment simply plan to be in the office about 40 minutes.  This gives us time to evaluate, do the treatment, re-evaluate and suggest home/self-care.   Drink water or eat before coming for the treatment, you will relax even more and avoid uncomfortable nausea and dizziness which occasionally occur.

Who should NOT have cupping?

-Open skin, lesions, rashes, inflamed skin

-Sun burned skin… that just hurts…

– Dehydration

-Bleeding disorders, hemophilia, thrombocytopenia (platelet issues)

-Certain medications:  Coumadin, Warfarin, blood thinners etc..

After cupping it is common to feel coolness or a light feeling.  Your energy will go up or down depending on how your body reacts to the cupping treatment.  Best plan is to schedule 4 or 5 treatments over a month period to cleanse the entire area and facilitate healing in the most efficient way for you.

See you soon!!






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