The good vibes from negative ions.

There has been lots of talk over the years about these ‘negative ions’ and how they are so good for you.  It all sounded so confusing, how could something negative be good?

Well here you go.

A negative ion is an electrically charged molecule is all.  It has an extra electron floating about it.  Remember from chemistry that there are Protons (which have a positive charge) Neutrons (which are neutral or have no charge) and Electrons (these have a negative charge).  An electrically neutral or stable molecule has an equal amount of Electrons as Protons.  Since Neutrons have no charge they usually have something to do with the weight of that molecule (basically anyway).  Got it?  OK< so now we get to charged atoms (molecules are a combination of atoms… OK, enough of the chemistry already!!!

Where do you find these negative ions???  Here is a list; A shower, waterfall, rain, rain Forrest, mornings, sunsets, babbling brook, beaches… get the idea?  anywhere water moves, or when sunlight hits water vapor.  Notice you feel good enough to sing (or dance) in the shower?  It is the negative ions…   How about that you notice how good life is at sunset?  Yup, negative ions.

Now what about positive ions?  They are made by wind, electrical gizmos, air pollution like smoke and smog…(hydrocarbons) and plastics (synthetic materials) which tend to create a static electrical charge.

So what does the research say about this?   Unfortunately not much.  A lot of guessing at this point, but what we do know is exposure to negative ions makes people feel more relaxed and better (not everyone responds the same way so it is hard to study with double-blind, statistically controlled studies… blah blah blah.)  We do see an increase in Serotonin ( a neurohormone that makes EVERYONE feel better)( .  It has been studied with people with Seasonal Affective Disorder and other psychological issues related to enclosed environments.  (


So what do Negative ions do?  Here is a list; increase oxygenation of blood and therefore, the brain/ make physiological processes easier in the body/reduction of pain, reduction of stressed feelings (notice I said nothing about stress… that is already there and ions do nothing to stop bills from arriving (for example).   Negative ions reduce depression, they increase happiness, help with concentration… all kinds of things.   No, they do not cure anything.  That is up to your body to do, but having your body work better will help it cure from anything it comes across.  Negative ions reduce particulates in the air (bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi, dander et. al.

So how to get them going in your life?  Get a salt lamp, they are inexpensive and help ionize the room, they are also a great night-light and can be an excellent meditation focus.  Also you can get more plants, go outside more, see a sunrise or a sunset, stand in the rain, listen to it snow… take a nice shower… the possibilities are limitless, be happy for once…




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