Good News Bad News

Here is a great post my wife did, I just HAVE to share it!

Today’s Sip…good news bad news! On this particular topic, the good is also the bad. The news (sip) is this…Your happiness is entirely up to YOU. Believe me, I know the struggle of looking for happiness in some one, some thing, some time, some activity, some idea…some SOMETHING that is in the grand ‘out there’. It ain’t ‘out there’. I know you’ve heard it a hundred times, and we all know the quotes about ‘happiness comes from within’, and all that crap – but tragically and fortunately it’s the absolute truth.
Today’s sip isn’t designed to burden you with the ‘oh great now I have to do THIS, too!!!” kind of mentality. Its designed to give you the feeling power…the understanding that this ‘ride’ is totally up to you, and you can choose to find your happy wherever and whenever you are. Its much easier to look in some other direction for that happiness, that peace, because that’s just one less thing you have to figure out today – but it’s also much easier to only rely on ONE person for that feeling of peace/happiness – its YOU!
You don’t have to count on someone else, or something else to get ‘right’, in order for you to be happy.
Stand in your own light, your own power, and your own SELF, and get your happy on!!! If for no other reason than…BECAUSE YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!
Please feel free to comment below…I always LOVE hearing your thoughts – and if you feel so compelled to share the happiness of happiness with others…SHARE on your own page!
Sending love and happiness from one end of the world to the other 



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