A remedy for General Anxiety Disorder with Acupuncture and Meditation

What we are looking at here… General Anxiety Disorder or also Social Affect Disorder, and other names for stress that has over flowed its brim.

I have now combined guided meditation and acupuncture to help people with anxiety, worry, stress, angst. confusion, panic attacks, freak outs, mental disturbances, and others.  How?  with age old techniques.  This treatment in no way will hamper other therapies, in fact it will make them more efficient.  This treatment will not get you off your medication directly, but it will help your medicines work better and eventually your dosages will have to be changed.  You WILL get benefit with practice.  You have been practicing stress long enough, isn’t it time to practice healing and wholeness??

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Natural BodyWorks

Rocky Mountain Meditation


Natural BodyWorks LLC, Parker Colorado

Meditation training and acupuncture for anxiety, panic attacks, stress, and worry…

Acupuncture treatments are well known to facilitate relaxation and whole body harmony.  Meditation can enhance the effectiveness of that effect as well as train you to see anxiety rising in your body and give you effective and realistic tools to stop it in its tracks.  We find that worry, stress, and anxiety are common in today’s world.  We also have discovered that if you practice being upset, worried, or stressed you will automatically ‘go there’ when something occurs that is either out of your control or not what you wanted at the time.  Meditation PRACTICE allows us and trains us to see and be in the world in this present moment and to become aware of the changes in our minds and bodies.  With this powerful practice we can better control and guide our minds to live the life…

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