Tactical awareness and Mindfulness for the NOW

Tactics: “Aiming at an end beyond the immediate action” “Adroit planning…” as in skillful use of hands or mind.
Teaching meditation and mindfulness for nearly ten years I have worked with military, police, EMTs, paramedics, Nurses, and many that have to have ‘it all together all the time” I have noticed working with these folks that they are dealing with different actions than most of us deal with in a given day, but the results are the same. They must act before reaction times allow. Don’t we all do this? How bout when someone cuts you off on the road, what is your RE-action??? It is an emotional response in some preset way that can get you all kinds of suffering and upset.

In this session we will discuss personal tactics and how we can begin to change our inner strategy and develop a way to ‘be like water’. Water never anticipates an action, it merely acts when appropriate. A small pebble makes a small wave, a boulder makes a large one. This is an essential aspect of our daily success in life itself. Like water, after the stone has splashed, the water again will soon become still and clear.
This is a sitting technique to just let things BE as the ARE, without judgement. Seems like regular meditation doesn’t it? This is a little more self guided, we use some imagery and some rehearsal, just like in tactical training. What you practice is what you do. Here, though we wish to gradually develop compassion and wisdom instead of blind action. This process can give you extra time when things go asunder, when they seem to fall apart. Instead of re-acting, you ACT appropriately and instantaneously, going back to your calm SELF sooner, leaving that trouble behind and below…
Great for emergency workers and security forces where instant decisions mean so much. A wise and compassionate action will always be an improvement over an emotional or unprepared action. Think about that.


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