Meditation and acupuncture, the secret to helping General Anxiety Disorder?

Meditation training and acupuncture for anxiety, panic attacks, stress, and worry…

Acupuncture treatments are well-known to facilitate relaxation and whole body harmony.  Meditation can enhance the effectiveness of that effect as well as train you to see anxiety rising in your body and give you effective and realistic tools to stop it in its tracks.  We find that worry, stress, and anxiety are common in today’s world.  We also have discovered that if you practice being upset, worried, or stressed you will automatically ‘go there’ when something occurs that is either out of your control or not what you wanted at the time.  Meditation PRACTICE allows us and trains us to see and be in the world in this present moment and to become aware of the changes in our minds and bodies.  With this powerful practice we can better control and guide our minds to live the life we want and deserve.  Not to become a slave to our ‘gut’.

Acupuncture has a very specific set of points that can change person to person for stress, anxiety, depression, worry, and panic disorders.  Once we have determined the pattern you are in, this therapy does not help you identify the cause but instead realize and acknowledge the process and stop it before it ramps up to a full-blown episode.  With a few treatments you can start to feel calm much more of the time, feel balanced, centered and in control.  Therapy will give you the why’s we work on HOW you are going to manage and get through it, effectively.

How the acupuncture will help.  1. It will harmonize the ‘Chi’ energy that flows throughout and around your body.  2. You must consciously ‘tune’ into each point as it is stimulated or tonified.  This will help you make a good contact with your whole body.  3. The points used will help the organs to work better together and send information through the Vagus nerve that you ARE relaxed and calm.

How the meditation will help. 1.  You will follow the breath and body, this will have a centering and calming effect on the mind and the coordination of the mind and the bodily action will help you be more’in tune’.  That will help you see (feel) an anxiety attack, panic attack, or feeling of un-ease sooner and enable you to use the techniques I teach you to stop it and calm back down.  2.  You will begin to understand through the practice that you CAN control your physiology and make a difference in your life moment by moment.  3. You will begin to feel more and more confident in your dealings with your anxiety on a day to day and even moment by moment basis.

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The course of treatment lasts four months (about half the time of a medication regime).  Twice a week meditation and acupuncture in a safe, calm relaxing environment with an anchoring essential oil formula you can take with you.  The meditation practice will start with tuning into your body while in an acupuncture treatment session, appreciating and really understanding what it IS to BE relaxed.  Guided meditation, specific to YOU is offered along with techniques to use at home and work to enhance the benefit of being HERE NOW…  Total cost for the four months is $1000.00  as a discounted package, to go through the entire program is essential, as it is a practice of the mind and body,  would cost about $2,000.00.  ($60 per acupuncture treatment with personalized essential oil for grounding ($15), then guided meditations while you are getting treatment ($49) each)  The schedule is a minimum of twice a week for up to an hour each session, with the gradual decrease in frequency after the second month to no less than once a week. After the fourth month, maintenance is highly recommended on a once a month basis. (billed separately)


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