Acupuncture treatment now available

Well, finally after many years of thinking about it and studying it I have completed the National Boards for Acupuncture.  We now offer acupuncture as a treatment for all sorts of diseases, both acute and chronic.

I have been treating as a doctor of chiropractic for 17 years now.  I started as a massage therapist and worked up from there.  I had early interest in herbs and natural therapies as I grew up in an area and era when taking care of yourself was the best and sometimes the only option you had.  I have always liked self-sufficiency.  I started this after my own back injury from martial arts over 25 years ago.  I had stress fractures and disc injuries in my lower back that smashed my plans of becoming a martial arts instructor.  I went the regular medical route without much help.  I refused medications as I was afraid of getting ‘hooked’ on them, tried physical therapy which was great while I was there but offered very little lasting relief.  I came across chiropractic care by the referral of a friend.  I was skeptical, and my father urged me not to as I could end up paralyzed or worse.  In desperation I went, got adjusted… a lot… and eventually got better.  It was a big hit to my ego, any job that would take physical effort was out, no military etc.  I never thought of becoming one then.

Years later I had healed enough and gotten enough strength to join another martial art.  Hapkido.  I practiced for years, and eventually met a chiropractor in class.  The next thing I knew I was in chiropractic school.  My first project was to really look into this practice of ‘popping’ the joints.  I mean, doesn’t it CAUSE arthritis??? well, no it doesn’t I found out.  So I really jumped in.  I didn’t drink the cool aid though.  I remained skeptical and concentrated on the bio-mechanics and structural alignment issues.  I had heard the stories of miraculous healing, amazing recoveries and the like which we were constantly told by the ‘old timers’ that taught in the school I went to.  All hearsay I figured…

As I worked as a doctor of chiropractic I mostly saw people who had been in auto accidents or had other simple injuries to their back or neck, occasionally a shoulder or ankle.  Then some odd cases came in, we treated them based on ‘the old ways’ of “subluxation” and hoped for the best.  Which usually happened.  I wrote it off to coincidence or good luck.  But it kept happening, over and over with more and more odd cases, or sometimes cases of back or neck pain would get treatment for a time and other conditions that were ‘unrelated’ would improve or outright heal.  This got  me very interested in the subluxation theory which I was taught in school but really thought was a myth.

As my sophistication and understanding of the human body and physiology improved so did my appreciation and understanding of more esoteric healing practices developed.  I had become interested in energy work, subtle energies and electromagnetic work etc.   I even toyed with muscle testing which I found too unpredictable to use in a clinical setting.  I studied many techniques eventually developing my own flavor of work which I think every doctor of any discipline does.  Except those that have no imagination or are not allowed to because of mandate or bureaucracy.

More to come… 08/18/2013


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