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This blog has been erased as it is no longer valid.

or call the office… check out our website.


Dr. Sean at Natural BodyWorks in Parker Colorado is a holistic healer, chiropractor, acupuncturist and dry needle practitioner.    He produces these videos to help patients and friends live better more comfortable lives.  A little levity and education go a long way in his opinion.  All information is original, and opinion of Dr. Sean Thompson for educational purposes only.  Any background music or visuals are incidental and not copyrighted.  Comments and questions are welcomed, and will be responded to as soon as possible.  Dr. Sean runs The Natural BodyWorks in Parker Colorado, has been practicing for over 20 years and is available daily at his office.  Thanks!













Phone: 720- 325 9886

Address:  12539 N. Highway 83, Unit B

Parker Colorado 80134


Here is the text for the Gall Bladder cleanse, you can also see it on my blog


The information in these videos are for education only, there is no intent to diagnose, treat or render an opinion.  Any incidental diagrams, drawings, music, video, or other recording are used under the copyright fair use for education and or satire.  Use your own brain, go see a qualified provider if there is any question…

Not responsible for you, you are.



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